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Dec 3, 2020

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, you will learn about Yolanda's journey with chronic Lyme disease.

About My Guest:

My guest for this episode is Yolanda Hadid. Former top model, television star, author of “Believe Me”, mother of three and fashions “it” girls Gigi and Bella Hadid, Yolanda was diagnosed with chronic neurological Lyme Disease in 2012. The invisible disease ravaged her personal and professional life, leaving little but doubt and despair on the horizon. She traveled the world to receive every treatment available, covering all western and eastern modalities including Ayahuasca and frog venom, all in the hopes of finding a cure to what may be the greatest unknown pandemic of our time. As her struggle continued, supported by the love of her family, Yolanda fought her way back to remission. She felt called to use her platform to bring awareness to a disease that has no cure, especially when she learned that two of her children, Bella and Anwar, also suffer from Lyme Disease. Determination to fight for those whose voices can’t be heard while living in a paralyzed cocoon only grew stronger. Today, Yolanda is the epitome of trailblazer, an honest advocate and leader in the fight to bring education, awareness, and compassion to the study of Lyme Disease. Yolanda is now an internationally recognized force, inspiring hope and determination in all those who struggle with this invisible, yet absolutely debilitating disease. She has been honored for her work in bringing global awareness to Lyme disease by The Lyme Research Alliance and stands as a symbol that together anything can be overcome. Her book “Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease” is beautifully written and has tremendous detail on the path that she took to regain her health.

Key Takeaways:

  • How as Yolanda's health as a teenager and young adult?
  • What was the moment where Yolanda could no longer will herself to keep going?
  • What are Yolanda's thoughts on the diagnostic challenges of Lyme disease?
  • How important were antibiotics in Yolanda's recovery?
  • How did Yolanda become the Lyme advocate that she is today?
  • What did Yolanda feel learning that two of her children were also dealing with chronic Lyme disease?
  • What does Yolanda suggest for those that do not have the means to do everything she has done?
  • What role did parasites play in Yolanda's journey?
  • How infuriated was Yolanda learning that the expense of treatment makes it difficult for many to access the care they need?
  • How significant were stem cells in Yolanda's recovery?
  • What was the role of breast implant illness in Yolanda's recovery?
  • How critical was Yolanda's dental work?
  • What attention needs to be given to the mental emotional realm?
  • Would Yolanda change her journey if she could?
  • Why is Yolanda passionate about light and frequency and her work with the WAVE1?

Connect With My Guest:

Instagram: Yolanda.Hadid

Twitter: YolandaHadid

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Interview Date:

December 2, 2020


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