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Jun 9, 2022

Why You Should Listen: 

In this episode, you will learn about Gerson Therapy.

About My Guest:

My guest for this episode is Dr. Patrick Vickers.  Patrick Vickers, DC is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College, representing the face of the Gerson Therapy worldwide.  Dr. Vickers is featured in the epic documentary series The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. His patient is also chronicled in the classic documentary The Beautiful Truth.   Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer called Dr. Max Gerson, "The most eminent genius in medical history" as The Gerson Therapy has the most storied reputation, to date, for its ability to reverse advanced cancer and degenerative diseases.   With seven movies chronicling Dr. Gerson's work, no other therapy has received such recognition on an international scale.  Personally trained by Dr. Gerson's family and one of the few people to have studied Dr. Gerson's handwritten files, Dr. Patrick Vickers continues to carry on Dr. Gerson's legacy through his premier Advanced Gerson Clinic in Rosarito, Mexico.  Dr. Vickers lectures on various platforms around the world on the indisputable, cellular science behind health, disease, and the Gerson Therapy.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the history of Gerson Therapy?
  • What role does metabolism play in creating the right metabolism for cancer?
  • How does the Gerson program heal the metabolic system?
  • What ingredients are included in their juices?
  • How does salt create a "cellular edema"?
  • What is the impact of chloride on the thyroid?
  • What role do healthy fats play in cell membrane potential?
  • Which fats are health-promoting vs. health-negating?
  • What role do hydrogen and pH play?
  • Does sugar feed cancer?
  • What are the mechanisms of coffee enemas?
  • Do coffee enemas help bile flow?
  • How should coffee enemas be performed?
  • Are there any contraindications for coffee enemas?
  • How might castor oil be used in a healing program?
  • Did Dr. Max Gerson consider the role of mental and emotional health? 

Connect With My Guest:

Interview Date:

June 7, 2022


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