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Dec 4, 2020

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, you will learn about limbic system retraining with The Gupta Program.

About My Guest:

My guest for this episode is Ashok Gupta. Ashok Gupta, MA(Cantab), MSc is an internationally renowned Speaker, Filmmaker, and Health Practitioner who has dedicated his life to supporting people through chronic illness and to achieving their potential. Ashok suffered from ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, around 25 years ago when he was studying at Cambridge University. Through neurological research that he conducted, he managed to get himself 100% better. He then set up a clinic to treat others, and then published the well-known recovery program known as the Gupta Program in 2007. He has published several medical papers and is continually researching these conditions. In 2017, Ashok published a popular 4.7 star rated app called the Meaning of Life Experiment, a 30-Day program of videos and meditations to discover more happiness, meaning, and to uncover your life purpose. In 2020, he created and hosted the free, 10-day Coronavirus Challenge which is helping thousands of others taking the pledge to reduce the spread of the virus, through boosting the immune system, reducing anxiety, and saving lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are the amygdala and insula and their role in limbic system dysfunction?
  • What are the triggers for limbic system dysfunction?
  • What conditions might respond to the program?
  • How do Adverse Childhood Experiences (or ACEs) impact the later development of limbic system dysfunction?
  • What is the difference between the mind and the brain?
  • What is a priming event and a conditioned response?
  • Can The Gupta Program help with POTS, SIBO, EHS, EDS, or autism?
  • Might the program be a positive epigenetic influencer?
  • Is limbic system dysfunction analogous to the Cell Danger Response?
  • What is the MEND program?
  • What are the 3 Rs of The Gupta Program?
  • What is the experience of doing the program?
  • What studies have been done?
  • How might The Gupta Program help those with long-haul COVID?

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Interview Date:

December 3, 2020


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