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Apr 11, 2018

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, you will learn about environmental illness and how to approach recovering health after having been impacted by environmental toxicity.

About My Guest:

My guest for this episode is Lisa Nagy. Lisa Nagy, MD graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Pennsylvania and then from Cornell Medical College in 1986. After Emergency Medicine residency in NYC, she practiced in Los Angeles until becoming severely ill as a result of a complex medical condition known as Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental Illness. Her story of survival and journey of discovery led her to learn about the field of Environmental Medicine and focus on finding the causes of disease including genetic, hormonal, nutritional, allergic, and environmental factors. She is now president of Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance which is a group focused on educating medical students, doctors, the AMA, congress and the public and assists patients to find help nationwide. Listening to physicians and other people who have developed severe Environmental Illness is the first step towards helping the 75 million people in the country with various health issues, including autoimmunity, autism, even ‘Chronic Lyme’ related to their environments. She is medical director of Environmental Health Center of Martha’s Vineyard and effectively treats the countries sickest patients. She has delivered talks at the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences in 2016, Congressional Subcommittee on Veterans Health 2015, The University of Pennsylvania Medical School, the EPA in Boston, and was the keynote speaker on the health effects of mold after Super Storm Sandy in NYC in 2013. She is the Communications Liaison for The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Vice Chair of the Integrative Medicine Consortium and on a roundtable on Building and Health. She has been featured on TV shows such as “Nightline” and “The Doctor’s” on EMF intolerance, “White House Chronicles” on mold and CFS, and a pending Netflix series on afflicted patients.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are the key conditions associated with environmental toxicity?
  • How does one test for environmental toxins?
  • What is "unmasking"?
  • What testing may be appropriate for exploring mold in the environment?
  • How might treatment for environmental illness be approached?
  • What is the role of allergy in environmental illness?
  • Can personal belongings from a moldy environment be taken to a new environment?
  • What is the role of fasting in identifying food triggers?
  • What is the connection between POTS, dysautonomia, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?

Connect With My Guest:

Interview Date:

April 9, 2018

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The content of this show is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or medical condition. Nothing in today's discussion is meant to serve as medical advice or as information to facilitate self-treatment. As always, please discuss any potential health-related decisions with your own personal medical authority.