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Mar 13, 2021

Why You Should Listen:

In this episode, you will learn about recovering from Lyme disease.

About My Guests:

My guest for this episode is Dr. Dan Kinderlehrer. Dan Kinderlehrer, MD is a nationally recognized physician with expertise in the fields of nutrition, allergy, environmental medicine, Lyme disease, and the healing of mind-body-spirit as a unified whole. Dr. Kinderlehrer co-founded The New England Center for Holistic Medicine in Newbury MA and has taught extensively, including practitioner training courses at the Omega Institute, The National Institute of Behavioral Medicine, and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. He created and organized the Lyme Fundamentals course which is presented annually at the International Lyme and Associated Diseases conferences. He is the author of several review articles in medical journals and the Lyme Times. His integrated medical practice in Denver, CO focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne disease. Dr. Kinderlehrer is the author of "Recovery from Lyme Disease: The Integrative Medicine Guide to Diagnosing and Treating Tick-Borne Illness".

Key Takeaways:

  • How have the Lyme Wars between IDSA and ILADS changed
  • What is the role of epigenetics?
  • Do Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) play a role in the development of Lyme disease?
  • What is Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS)
  • How might treatment be approached after a tick bite?
  • What are other means of transmission of Lyme disease besides tick bites?
  • Which microbes play the biggest role in anxiety, depression, OCD, and neuropsychiatric symptoms?
  • Do patients do better at higher altitudes or at sea level?
  • What is the latest on Disulfiram for treating Lyme disease
  • What labs have been most helpful?
  • What are some of the key treatment options for Lyme and co-infections?
  • Might Bartonella play a role in SIBO?
  • How is dysautonomia addressed?
  • What is the role of MCAS in Lyme disease?
  • How much does mold impact patients with Lyme disease
  • Which oxidative therapies have been helpful for Lyme patients?
  • How important is limbic system retraining?

Related Resources:

Recovery from Lyme Disease: The Integrative Medicine Guide to Diagnosing and Treating Tick-Borne Illness

Interview Date:

March 12, 2021


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